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2014-02-18 21:07:07 by Shadow154

Looking back to my older works, it seems I've actually come a much longer way than I thought. Seriously, most of what I did back in the day wasn't even that good and I'm impressed at how much I've improved over the years. This is mostly thanks to all the support I've been recieving from the online community, and while it might not seem like much it has really helped me improve and makes me want to continue my pursuit of my ultimate goal, which is becoming a proffesional artist and being able to publish many of the original stories that have been roaming my head for years.

This whole throwback thing brings me to my next point: NSFW art. In my early days on the Internet I did many (crappy) NSFW pieces for two reasons: first because it helped me have a better understanding of human anatomy, but mostly because I was a pervert :P... anyway, after a hiatus of sorts and my incorporation to the brony fandom, the amount of NSFW I've done has been pretty much nonexistant, despite the fact that I've come to enjoy drawing that sort of things every once in a while. The reason why I'm talking about this is because ever since I started drawing pony fanart, many of the people recently following my work are most likely doing it for that, which is why I wanted to ask: Would you guys like to see my NSFW pieces back on a sort of regular basis? Or should I continue posting SFW art and keep all the adult themed ones to myself?

That's it for now, so please leave a comment and tell me what kind of stuff you would like to see from me in the future; as much as I like to draw things for my personal satisfaction, your feedback is important and I really don't want to overwhelm anyone with things I may find appealing while they probably don't. I'll be back later with some new pieces, but for now: Shadow signing off.


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2014-02-19 12:47:40

i am not sure what i should say right now other than i would like to see you draw Panty and Stocking from the show "Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt " . full episode can be found on youtube engish dubbed .

(Updated ) Shadow154 responds:

I watched the show shortly after it ended and have been waiting for a second season ever since. That been said, I'm all in for some PSG fanart!