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HOTS is awesome!

2013-03-13 15:44:17 by Shadow154

Contrary to what my best friend said, I managed to get myself a copy of StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm without preordering it. Played the first 3 missions yesterday and it's glorious! I'll try to update my art gallery soon, but knowing myself I'll try to finish this game by the end of the month...


2013-02-11 08:49:15 by Shadow154

Well, lots of stuff happened and it seems like I'm gonna be busier than ever in a few months. Better make good use of the calm before the storm...

Studying sucks

2013-01-18 15:01:22 by Shadow154

But it will get me a diploma, so I'd better get to it. I'll be drawing stuff when bored, anyway, so this place won't be THAT lonely...

Merry Christmas!

2012-12-25 18:44:58 by Shadow154

I hope you have a great Christmas this year, cuz mine's been awesome so far!
Did lots of stuff I never did before, got some awesome presents and the look onthe faces of my family members after opening their gifts were priceless!
Also, I don't think I'll be uploading anything too soon, but I'll try to do so. Happy Holidays!


2012-12-03 18:59:09 by Shadow154

I can't seem to do that as often as I'd like to :/
Anyhow, winter vacations start next week (at least for me), but first there's a BIG exam this Saturday. My entire future depends on the results of this, so I'll study like crazy and avoid major distractions, and sadly, that includes drawing.
However, and regardless of passing or failing the test, next week should be full of updates and plenty of random comics that have been roaming my head for a while.
That's all for now, wish me luck!


2012-10-30 16:28:54 by Shadow154

And that means it's time for some art spamming! Well, that depends on many things, but at least I can post more of my work here :D

School overwhelming, almost no time for... uhm, anything XD
Also, NG says I have my art gallery full and can't upload more stuff unless I'm scouted. So, if you are an artist, please check it out so I can upload more stuff. If not, check it out anyways :P


2010-12-06 20:13:54 by Shadow154

On my last submission (Santa's elves), the elf got 2 left hands and I didn't notice it :/
I tried to re-upload it, but NG keeps sayin' that I've already uploaded it. This sucks -_-
Well, here's the fixed version. Hope you like it (not a big difference, but whatever...)


Sick of school

2010-11-22 14:13:49 by Shadow154

Well, school is nice, but makes me sick sometimes. I have so many ideas for pictures and stuff, but too much homework doesn't help me to draw 'em :(
Anyhow, whenever i get enough time for it, I'll be drawing/posting new stuff. That's all 4 now, but one more thing before I leave: I HAET MATH!!!! >:P


2010-07-05 22:00:49 by Shadow154

The first of a yet nameless series I made for some people on facebook. I originally made it in spanish because I'm mexican, so you may notice that it was edited on paint :P. About the picture, it tells you what happens having a laggy computer and watching "forbidden stuff" on it. The guy on the computer in Kripidood (pronouncer creepydude, so yeah, it was totally intented), the guy with the LOL t-shirt is Friki (freaky) and Kripidood's mom is Mari (Mary ¬¬).
Hope you like it guys! :)